Jane Hillman's White Dog Pottery

Dear Customers and friends,

        It is with a heavy heart that I am closing the business after nearly thirty years.
        This will be my last season so I will try to fill as many orders as possible. Please let me know about your plans asap! I have many banks and salt & pepper shakers left so...... I can do some special pricing if you are interested in quantity especially the banks.
        The small items will be here as long as they last. Also the personalized plates will end at the close of this calendar year. I will keep the studio another year so all the items that have not been sold will be available. My plans are to do some art work and traveling. We'll see what happens.....
        You have been wonderful to me over the years, with great ideas and many kind words.
        We have had a lot of fun. Everyone here at White Dog will miss you all! Thank you for your kind support .......it has been a pleasure! Give a call if you like,

Warmest regards,
        - JANE

White Dog Pottery
One Cottage St. #13 Easthampton, MA 01027

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